The 2 Marks On Their Way To Ashtead

The 2 Marks On Their Way To Ashtead for the Wedding of Krissie and Grant.

Picture the scene, The 2 Marks are on their way to Ashtead in Surrey for the wedding of Krissie and Grant.

Our drive down the motorway was greeted by torrential rain but as we neared the Bridal Party home address, the sun made a blazing appearance and remained throughout the day.

Mark G remained at the Bridal Party address where there was organised chaos, so Mark G knew this was an opportune moment to get the camera into motion.

Surprise the Bride
Boo….. Photographer Here 🙂

The camera lens appears before a very shocked Krissie (Bride to be) as she was getting her hair and make-up done, immediately followed by Mark G himself.

Krissie didn’t even know we were there and this certainly was an element of surprise for her, after the initial shock of course….Mark was then in his element photographing the Bridal Party getting ready and in the back garden where the scene was set for some cracking pictures, meanwhile, Mark K went with The Bride to Be Dad (Kevin) to the Grooms Party getting ready just a short drive up the road.

Kevin knocked on the door, and there was a shout from a male that opened it (Neil, aka KNOCK KNOCK, echoing out, look smart lads, the photographer is here.

Neil AKA Knock Knock!

Mark K then had the task of photographing what we can only call the Crazy Gang. Fact was, it was an absolute rumble of laughs and Mark K was welcomed into their arms like he had known them for 5 years, let alone only 5 minutes.

The happy Grooms Party had the drinks flowing and were in the element as there had just been a surprise for Grant, who had to close his eyes as The Bride was going to be walking down the garden to show him her dress.

Eyes closed, the Best Man filming……. Grant was then told to open his eyes, there standing before him in a stunning dress was Neil (Knock Knock) and of course not Krissie, that just wouldn’t happen now would it – there was a huge round of laughter, followed by a few more rounds of drinks for the Nervous Grant.

Grooms Party

Photos were then taken of the Grooms Party, but there were two people that really stole the show (Riley and Logan) the two sons of Krissie and Grant.

Picture perfect it was too.

We then took to the church where the ceremony began. As family and friends arrive, Mark K was busying himself taking the au naturel photos of guests taking their pews waiting for the Blushing Bride to be.

Grooms men party

About thirty minutes pass and I was then joined at the church by Mark G, who had travelled to the church with Bride to be and her Dad in a stunning White Rolls Royce, Mark G taking the last few pictures before the ceremony begins.

Brides Arrival

The bell tolls and as in a fairy tale, Krissie and Grant had become Mr and Mrs Jewell Turner…Planned photos and natural ones too followed until The Newly Weds were happy that they had covered every last person included in the photographs.

Then for the Reception at Banstead Athletics Club Mark K and Mark G were again in action, this time setting up our Magic Mirror whilst the Newly Weds and guests had a bite to eat.

Magic Mirror Hire Photo Booth

A short while passes and The2Marks spring into action again, this time taking the natural shots of the dances, guests mingling and family members enjoying Krissie and Grants BIG DAY.

A superb night followed and we were everywhere covering all the action and not a single pose was missed.

To top a lovely day off, there was even a Proposal of Marriage…..”She said yes of course”

Wedding Proposal

The2Marks are also capturing their wedding next June 2022.

Krissie and Grant, it was an absolute pleasure being a part of your big day, made better by the warm reception we had from your family and friends.

A BIG THANK YOU from Mark K and Mark G aka (The 2 Marks) See you all next year.

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