Wedding at Danson House, lovely setting for the marriage of Calley & Dan.

Wedding at Danson House, The lovely setting for the marriage of Calley & Dan wedding at Danson House. The day has dawned, we, The Two Marks otherwise known as the Photographers, are at the stunning venue, Danson House in Kent, awaiting the arrival of the Blushing Bride and the oh so nervous Groom. 

Danson Park House

Both Calley and Dan decided that an intimate wedding with family members as The Pandemic is still present. They would arrive together and break tradition. A car pulls up and out steps Calley. She was in a stunning wedding dress that was white in colour and very classically open-backed. Calley sure was a picture waiting to seal her love with Dan. The Groom, dressed in a blue suit, white shirt & a blue tie. Dan was excited to be getting hitched to his sweetheart with family members there in attendance. The Two Marks started the beginning of the story, so here goes.

Open backed Wedding Dress

Everyone around us was looking so happy. The day had arrived and that Calley & Dan were here to make their dreams come true and become one. As the Brides family posed on the Grand steps leading to the doors of the venue. We started our photographic memories for the happy couple and their family members. Strike a pose.

Wedding Party

The Bride and Groom to be entered the venue and were immediately presented with an amazing spiral staircase. It took them to the wedding room that they were to get married in. While they made this journey, one of the Marks was inside the wedding room taking natural pictures of the family members. Eagerly awaiting their arrival. Someone had forgotten that the Groom still had to go and see the registrar before the wedding could commence. 
What happened next, you ask yourself, well let us tell you.

Bride and Groom Coming down stairs

The Bride to be was there, waiting for the Groom to turn up, so this allowed us to take some amazing shots of Calley, who had decided to spin on the spot and without hesitation, we caught that beautiful moment.

In walks Dan (the Groom) about 10 minutes later and there we were, We were ready for the Wedding Ceremony. Both of us photographers capturing those special moments whilst the Happy couple Tied the Knot. What a great occasion for two people to show their love for one another to say those words “I DO”

Bride and Groom taking their vows

The Groom was so excited, tinged with nerves, that he nearly put the wedding band on Calley’s wrong finger, but the registrar came to his rescue. More photographs followed in the wedding room of the newlyweds and then the family members joined them for what was a lovely and cosy photoshoot of no more than 7 people at the wedding party.

From a photographers perspective, although it was a small wedding, the smiles on the wedding party’s faces filled the room twice over, which made up for the people that were not able to attend.

When those words echoed out “You May Now Kiss The Bride” We were there again, ready to capture that moment in time for the newly married Mr & Mrs Gorton.

Bride and Groom first Kiss

The final walk for the Newly-weds was made down the impressive spiral staircase where our cameras were working overtime. Finally, we left the building to our final destination, the also impressive stairs outside Danson House where we took planned photographs of the Bride & Groom and the family members. This was such a precious day for Calley and Dan, along with their families, The Two Marks would just like to say a big thank you for choosing us to be part of your big day.

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