Life of a Photo Booth Operator

Life of a Photo Booth Operator, so it starts off when we get the booking, the booking is confirmed, and when the date has arrived its time for me to get going.

We have to load up the Photo Booth and all of the components into the van, the framework is made of aluminum segments which live in a coffin box with wheels, the laptop and camera are all housed in a pele travel hard case as we don’t want these to break, the sides and carpet are housed in another cylindrical bag. We are quite lucky as all of this equipment fits onto a trolly with wheels, (lucky for me).

The Photo Booth takes about 40 minutes to set up and erect, when we arrive at the customer’s premises we discuss the location for the booth and begin the building process, we start off with the bottom of the frame and start to build the perimeter, from there we start to build up stage by stage, the Photo Booth can be assembled fully or partially depending on space, the full Booth is about 8ft x 4ft and 7ft tall, we have green screen technology so we can transport you to anywhere in the world, this is ideal for weddings where we can change the background fully to customize the prints.

Some examples of the images from various parties.

Photo Booth Gallery Marks Mobile Photography Logo

Once the Photo Booth is fully assembled its time to add the lights, printer, laptop and camera, we connect all these devices together and then test and set up the focus and make sure we have an appropriate aperture to cover the full depth of field we require.

Customisation of the templates is usually done before we attend the location as this makes things a bit easier but these can be updated or changed on the night without much problem.

Then we set out the props ready for the guests and open up the booth for the fun to begin, kids love the photo booth and are usually the first ones in, after a few drinks the adults seem to take over and the kids don’t get a look in.

At the end of the night its time to pack everything away, we start off by removing the outer skin of the Photo Booth and pack that away with the lights and red carpet.

Usually, there are two of us just because its difficult to build and takedown on your own, one of us starts to pack away the props while giving them a clean with Dettol spray, that’s one less box to deal with, if we have internet access during the event we can instantly upload to Facebook/Instagram or Twitter but if not we usually handle this the next day where we also upload to a private gallery for the customer to download all the images of their event.

With everything packed away and in the van that’s us finished for the night and we drive home to unload and restock for the next event.

That’s my insights as a Photo Booth Operator. 

By Mark Grant

Admin / Owner

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